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Cem K.

When it comes to miceproofing, Noel and his crew know their stuff. Their service and hard work is worth every penny.

Living in an old house in Eastie, there are (well, "were") lots of holes around the apartment and we had been having mice problems for quite a while. It was getting ugly -- not only the droppings, disturbing noise in the walls and messing with our food, but we also saw some of them freely roaming our living room a couple of times. Conventional exterminators did some work but it didn't help, as the huge holes needed to be shut and sealed. The exterminator flat out said "Sorry, this is not my job -- you need some carpenter or a handyman for this.".

Noel first came in for an inspection and free quote as promised, and took his time exploring all the nooks and crannies in the apartment. Two days later, they came in the morning and stayed all day: closing up every possible entry point, taking down radiators and kitchen closets when needed, doing serious, professional work. It's been a week since, and not a sight, sound or dropping of mice yet. The before-after photos here speak for themselves (which made me contact them in the first place), but if you'd like to see more just send me a message and I'll upload some of my own. Months from now I'll hopefully update this review with the same 5 stars. So far, even though I hate to use this cliche, they deserve 6 out of 5.

Marquisa G.

Omg! Why didn't I pay for these services earlier! I've had lingering problems with mice in my multi family for months now and I think I hit the jackpot hiring these guys. Since they've come and sealed up all holes I have not seen any mice droppings. It's only been three weeks so I'll have to provide an update in the next few months. However, so far so good so this company is totally recommended.

Michelle H.

I was at my wits end - have never had a mouse problem before and this on was out of control. If you have mice you can't get rid of, these are the ONLY guys to call. Extremely professional. Gave us a thorough quote and started the job the following week. Arrived on time and wow, did these guys work hard! Took two days to mice-proof the house. They laid the traps and we caught 5 mice the first night and, knock on wood, have not seen or heard one mouse! These guys rock!

Curt C.

We continue to be satisfied with the excellent work that Professional Master Miceproofing did nearly 5 years ago. Yes, you read right 5 years and not one mouse has entered our apartment. I have recommended them to numerous friends in the Boston area who know all too well how resilient city mice can be to traps, poison, etc. Thank you again!